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Ok, You want a system for your home but you're not sure who you should go with, or what you need. The following information may help you with your decision. Most companies have a basic package they offer, this usually includes the following equipment:


Master control panel      ( this is the box that contains the brains of the unit).

Backup battery                ( the battery will allow your unit to continue to operate for a short period in the                                              event of a power failure).

Remote keypad              ( used for arming and disarming the alarm, usually installed at the most                                            common entry point).

Motion detector               ( a  devise installed on the interior of your home to detect movement, this                                            sensor is normally only used when you're not home).

Indoor Siren                     ( Just what it sounds like, a Siren to notify you of a intruder and to help scar off                                            the unwanted visitor).

Up to 3 Doors                    ( Contacts installed on 3 doors).


Requirements:                  Phone line


Cell backup is available for anyone who doesn't have a home phone or who wants to discontinue their home service.  Additional charges apply for cell backup.


Optional equipment add-ons:  Keypads, windows, doors, Smokes, carbon monoxide detectors, water detector sensors, motion detector, there are many different types of devises that can be added to your system for additional charges. Your sales representative can go over those options with you.

Ok, let's get back to picking the right Alarm Company! Here are a few pointers.

Contact the Better Business Bureau regarding complaints that may have been filed against any of the companies. Click Here to check.

Ask if the company has all licenses and permits required for your area. Are their technicians licensed and/or certificated? Ask if they screen their employees or conduct background checks before hiring.

Does the company maintain adequate insurance coverage? Will you be given thorough training on the operation of the equipment? Everyone who will be using the system should be present during this training.


READ THE CONTRACT! Does it include everything that you were promised verbally? Does it specify what equipment you will own, and what equipment, if any, will remain the property of the security company? Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the monitoring agreement. What is the total cost over the life of the contract? What Central Station will be monitoring your account? What are the provisions regarding early termination of the agreement?

These are just a few things you should consider when picking your alarm company.


If you would like more information you can contact us by one of the methods listed in the need an estimate located in the Customer Care or simply CLICK HERE:


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